Nanowrimo Preamble

nanowri1I’m going to be learning this as I go, so please bear with me until I get a handle on things.

As promised to myself and, in turn, the entirety of the universe, I’ll be posting my Nano attempt as I write it.  That means that some days you’ll get big chunks of words as I sit and ramble on in a Google Doc and then cut and paste it here.  I also expect that there will be a few days in there that I don’t post at all.  Whether that is because I just didn’t write, or I didn’t write enough to put together a post.

I’m not going to share my notes, but some of my shorthand stuff might find its way into there. A lot of that is just notes I use to remember to go back and review something or signal that I know an area needs expanding or work.  If you notice them, I’ll explain them if you ask… if you don’t ask, they’ll just sit there looking weird to everyone but me.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the self-editing process.  I know I know, part of the idea of Nano is that you don’t edit. You go. Always forward, forward always. Yeah, I can only do that so much.  The writing goes forward, but I also am trying to build a layered novel here. That means that there is foreshadowing and subtle nuance and things mentioned at the beginning that I want to feel fully actualized later. Sometimes, and here is me pulling back the curtain… sometimes that means writing something later and going, ‘I need to fit that in earlier so it feels like a reveal’ — can I tell you that it blew my mind when I realized I could do that as a writer?!  Seriously, it felt like cheating at first, and then it felt like the most liberating thing that had ever happened to humankind.

Anyway… I’m not sure whether I’ll be reposting ‘updated’ chunks – or editing each post as I edit the document.  That all seems waaaaaaaaay too much.

We’ll just have to see how it goes, I guess.

So why am I writing this right now?  Oh, that’s because I wrote Chapter One already and I wanted to give it to you as soon as I could… so I figured I needed a little preface before we got to the actual tale.

So without further adieu.. i give to you the first, very rough, super sloppy, but firsty drafty version of a fantasy-comedy book tentatively titled ‘Hero By Exception’

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