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So here we are… me with another blog.

I have had many over the years. Starting with Livejournal. Also writing a lot of my personal feelings as I traversed the pop world of InsidePulse.com (Still a happening site where all the groovy kids hang out). Then on the bottom of my webcomic, InHisLikeness. (More on that I’m sure later)

Now here.  And here is an interesting one, because I have started on a new portion of my weird little life.  A little less than a year ago, I finished a novel.  I’ve been writing and creating for over a decade at this point, but I finally got the balls up to write and finish an entire book. Not just short stories. Not flash fiction. Not porn under an assumed name. A novel.

So here I am, a year later, having had it professionally edited. It has been read and reread by a couple wonderful people. Now it is in the hands of a thousand agents who are currently getting around to sending me rejection letters.  This, I’m ok with, but I am a man with an unquenchable need to be doing too many things at all points in time so that they all suffer equally.

I decided to put a blog back up for a couple of reasons that I will now put into WordPress friendly bullet points.

  • Vanity – Most people aren’t so obvious. You don’t know me very well.  If this novel thing happens, I’m going to need a site to self-promote and talk about what I’m doing and that whole process.  Most authors have them. My favorite authors have them.  I should have one.  Now I have one.
  • Exercise – Writing keeps me limber, and I really do miss longform blogging. I used to do it quite a bit, but Facebook just isn’t made for it.  This gives me a chance to prattle on endlessly where nobody will read it.  Except you.  You get a silver star.
  • Writing – Holy shit! A writer writes! I SHOULD DO THAT!  I do that actually, and til this point I would put stories where ever I damn well felt like it. Medium, Facebook, Google Plus, Smashwords, etc. I’d invent places to put short fiction.  Now I can put it here…  or at least can tell you where it is from here.
  • Nano – I, James Hatton, on Halloween 2016 have chosen to undertake this year’s Nanowrimo.  I am also going to catalog all my experiences with it from now until November 30th, and you will read my daily outpourings as they come.  If I complete the 50k challenge, you will be able to read the whole thing on this site.  If I fail.. you’ll know why.

So that’s that.  This is my new vanity site.  The walls still have that new hexcode smell, and everything is still in ghastly serif fonts.. (Oh that will be changing. I’m a san-serif kinda guy) – so stick around – sign up for the RSS – wipe your feet before you enter the ring – and thanks for being here.

NOW you get a gold star.

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