Nightmare Fuel 2020 – Oct 2nd

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Trick or Treat
by James Hatton – 10/03/20

“Trick or treat!” This time it was a pirate, a princess, and one of those masked superheroes I can never remember the name of because it changes every year. Is it a Beetlezord? A Power Former… whichever it is, it’s one of those darling plastic masks with a rain poncho that you can get at the drug store.

I hand each one of them a single treat, and I have to wonder about the disappointment in their eyes. They asked for a trick or a treat and I provided them with precisely what they asked. The bucket of bought candy is full to the brim, so there may be the intention to give them more than just one…. or.. perhaps, maybe they were expecting a trick!

When I knocked on this door a little while ago and the old woman didn’t provide me with a treat, that’s obviously what she meant….

So, yes… that’s what I’ll do. The next child who gives me a sad look because I only give them one treat, I shall take it back and provide them with a trick.

What trick though?

Oh, yes, indeed, I shall give them the remains of the woman who lived here.  I truly wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all of that now that I am her.  If they truly wish for more than a single treat, they shall have a whole old woman!  What a delight!

Now to just wait for someone to knock on the door.

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