Chapter 3 Commentary

So this is the first part of Chapter 3. It isn’t done yet, but I spent the last few hours writing and I figured I should get to posting.

I’m so far back on Nano… I have a nice few days off this week so my hope is to spend at least one or two nights just burning midnight oil.

Anyway – they just got to where they need to go, and shortly after this moment there is some big action coming. There is an aspect of this story that I realize is kind of unbelievable (moreso than the premise anyway) in that he is telling this whole thing to a phone, but then again, Interview With A Vampire is like 3,000 pages and Christian Slater is just recording that whole thing on micro cassette, so I feel this little bit of detail can just be accepted.

There are some details that I’ve already gone and edited in the previous chapters, just minor things to fix direction, and my goal is to really do the major edits to fit things better at the end, like a good writey writer, but certain things I go check on to see what I wrote and go ‘oh wait, that’s not what I want’ and adjust it to fit the direction.

Writing is weird. You aren’t just lying for 50000+ words, you sometimes go back and realize you initially were lying to yourself too, so you have to adjust your previous lie to fit the more total one.

Anyway – enjoy.

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