Chapter 2 Commentary

Living a busy life makes trying to make time to write a real pain in the ass.

I say this, having done webcomics for 10+ years, which legitimately takes less concentrated time than the Nano does, but that’s mostly because my method of doing IHL was a lot of pre-created characters.

Anyway, the second chapter is up, and I made the call that the main narrative will remain in first person. I’m not entirely sure whether the entirety of the whole story will be – mostly because I know the big chunks of what is going to happen and why – I am kind of not sure what is going to happen to Pete specifically – and assuming most of the story is the tale he’s telling, there will definitely need to be a resolution of the bar specifically… but that is legit what my brain is pouring over while I write this stuff I kind of had in my head to start.

As far as Lucille goes – I hope it is coming across that Pete and Lucille are not frenemies so much as Pete hates some of the things in her he doesn’t like in himself. I’m not going to get too deep into how I’m trying to put their relationship together, but for every trait in her that I don’t love in people as a whole, I want there to be the sort of understanding that Pete isn’t the best of people either.

Hope you are enjoying, and I hope I have more to offer you before I’m 10k words behind.



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