[Writing Prompt] Scratch & Sniff

Oooh boy:

Create ten all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers.

1.Milk that is two days or so beyond expiration date, so it probably doesn’t smell sour, but your imagination is running a little wild so you think there might be a hint of sourness in it, so you ask someone else to smell it to be sure, but ask in a way that is leading them to be in the same ‘it might be’ loop.

2. Chum Biscuits

3. Home of an irresponsible cat owner

4. Mystery Leftovers

5a. Mixed Berry
5b. Segregated Berry

6. Fetus

7. Bag of corn chips left in a car, during the summer, for longer than a week.

8. Their fart – not yours – yours are fine.. it’s their’s that are fucking atrocious.

9. Transformer’s Taint.

10. Safe Word: A mix of fear, lust, lube, and leather

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