I’m late – I’m late!

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I’m late I’m late I’m late!

For those who might be paying attention. I’m now officially late.  I was doing wonderfully until today for the Nano, but that’s ok. One day back doesn’t seem insurmountable to me.  Especially with my strange ‘Oh, 2k words later’ superpowers.  I will admit, one or two paragraphs in the previous chapters have come about me going, ‘Oh, let me bulk up this sentence here…’ and it turning into another 100 words. When I find a spot to blow-up in, I’m pretty tolerable at it.

When I decided I was doing this, and in the first 12 hours I was up above goal words for the day, I messaged with my friend Caitlin who is also doing her Nano thang. She replied, at 10am, “Ugh, I’m already so late…”

I did the math.  She was roughly 6-700 words behind. This is silly since I don’t imagine there are any people writing 70 words an hour to meet their goals.  When I told her this, she was quite adamant in telling me it didn’t matter.. she was late.

So where does that put me with a full day behind?

Ask me tomorrow, when I do my best to get where I need to go.

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